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Incoming Students

Am I eligible for an iPad?

Incoming first-year undergraduate student: You are eligible to receive an iPad if you are an incoming degree-seeking, first-year student and meet the criteria below:

  • Full-time and part-time students
  • Students who have accumulated sufficient credit hours to be classified as a sophomore or junior (via dual credit, AP, IB, CLEP, etc.) but meet the above criteria
  • Students who start at UK in Summer 2022 but meet the above criteria

Incoming transfer students: You are eligible to receive an iPad if you began college at your original university in the fall of 2019 and transferred from another institution.

Faculty: The iPad initiative started in 2019 for first-year undergraduate students. Faculty can request a device when available by emailing Please note, that priority will be given to those that are teaching undergraduate students and provide a detailed description outlining their intended use.

Graduate Students or Teaching Assistants: The iPad initiative began in 2019 and is for first-year undergraduate students. Graduate students and Teaching Assistants are not eligible for an iPad through the Smart Campus initiative. 

A small number of devices were allocated in previous semesters to graduate students and teaching assistants, however, that supply has been exhausted. Smart Campus will provide updates on our website should that situation change.

When will I receive my device?

Incoming, first-year degree-seeking students will receive an email the first week of August with more information on how to pre-register.

If you couldn't make it to the Technology Takeover to pick up your iPad, no worries! You can pick up your iPad between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. from the Smart Campus Help Desk inside the Cornerstone Building


What device will be distributed this year to incoming, first-year degree-seeking undergraduate students?

We have selected the 10.9" Space Gray iPad Air 5 with 64GB of storage for incoming, first-year degree-seeking students. The accessories included with your iPad Air 5 are the 2nd generation Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard while supplies last. 

Note: Smart Campus does not provide additional accessories such as an iPad case, screen protector, or Apple Pencil holder. Students will need to supply extra accessories. 

*Upgrades are not allowed if you already received an iPad through the Smart Campus Initiative.

Am I required to use the iPad?

It is highly recommended that the iPad be utilized in class, and some coursework may focus on certain apps or iPad-specific software. Feel free to discuss options with your individual instructors, should this become an issue.

Does the iPad belong to me?

The iPad is considered university property until your graduation. Upon graduation from the University of Kentucky, ownership will transfer to you. If you leave the university for any reason prior to graduation, you are expected to return your iPad or purchase it at its depreciation value. You may not sell or otherwise change ownership of the iPad at any time.

How do I return my iPad?

In-person: Smart Campus Help Desk located inside The Cornerstone Building. 

Mail the iPad: Be sure to include the Apple Pencil, Apple Keyboard, and the Return iPad Form. You can use any carrier. 

Chris Wilson

Peterson Service Building, room 124

411 S. Limestone St, Lexington, KY 40508

How do I purchase my iPad?

If you would like to maintain ownership of your technology after you leave the University of Kentucky, you have the option to purchase your device and its accessories at a depreciated value. For more information visit the iPad Return and Purchase page

After purchasing the device, we will remove the device management system and you will be able to use your iPad the same way as any of your other personal devices. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to utilize an Apple ID and cloud services.

Do students get to keep their iPads after graduation?

When students graduate, all University of Kentucky management will be removed from the iPad, and ownership of the device will transfer to the student. For this reason, it is important that students utilize an Apple ID and cloud services.

I'm taking a leave of absence. Can I keep my technology?

Students can keep their iPad for one semester outside of the university. Please contact the ITS Help Desk at 859-218-4357 to say that you will return next semester. If you do not enroll in classes for next semester, you will be charged for your iPad kit unless you return it.

Other Help Topics

Do I still need a laptop?

Please check with your college or department to determine any major-specific technology requirements. The university does not require students to purchase or own a laptop. Check here for the current Student Hardware & Software Guideline in the Technology Help Center.

What if I transfer or withdraw from the University of Kentucky?

If you withdraw or transfer from the University of Kentucky you must either return the iPad Kit and all or purchase the equipment at its depreciated value. For more information on how to return or purchase your device visit the iPad Return and Purchase page.

Will students have to pay for repairs or replacements?

Your Student iPad Kit comes with a 3-year AppleCare warranty. This covers hardware repairs, accidental damages, and technical support. Important: We will NOT be able to provide hardware support for damages or breakages occurring outside the 3-year AppleCare warranty.

Software Support: Our Smart Campus department will continue to assist with software-related issues whenever possible. Take care of your devices and utilize the AppleCare warranty for any hardware-related issues during the covered period. Questions? Contact us at 

UK's Information Technology Services (ITS) organization will manage the infrastructure aspects of this initiative for UK and will provide the customer service that will serve the students if and when they encounter issues with the technology. We are committed to ensuring this is not a financial impediment for our students, and we've designed the initiative to deliver a high-quality customer service experience to our students. More information will be made available prior to the iPads being issued.

For more information, visit How to Back Up Your iPad Air.

What happens if my iPad is stolen or lost?

Smart Campus will not replace lost technology by the student (iPad, Apple pencil, keyboard, or charger). The student is responsible for purchasing lost items from a third party. 

Technology that has been stolen is eligible for replacement. To qualify for this replacement process, you must be able to file and provide a police report saying what was stolen. When filing this report you will need the iPad, keyboard, or accessories' serial number. 

It is your responsibility to notify Smart Campus through email at Smart Campus staff will be able to disable the device remotely, making it unusable until found/returned. 

What if I already own an iPad or another tablet?

Students are not required to use UK-issued iPads. However, the iPad you will receive from the University of Kentucky will be set up differently than your personal devices. This iPad can be used the same way as a personal device, however, it includes specific features made available to you as a University of Kentucky student. If you are not a student and are planning to purchase an iPad for use within the UK iPad Initiative, we will need to purchase and set it up for you. Email us at to learn more.

Does that iPad have accessibility tools?

UK’s Disability Resource Center is available to help you through available options. You can set up an appointment by calling 859-257-2754, emailing, or by visiting their website at

Does this mean UK is a Mac/Apple campus? (Do students need a Mac?)

Students are not required to have an Apple device to take classes at UK. Further, students are not required to purchase any additional technology, nor are they prohibited from bringing other laptops, tablets, or other forms of technology to campus.


What equipment do students receive with this initiative?

Beginning fall 2019, all degree-seeking, first-time students will receive an iPad Air, keyboard, and Apple Pencil. 

What apps come on the iPad?

A core set of apps will come pre-configured on the device. The iOS apps are aimed at helping students achieve a high level of academic success. The programs are designed to prepare them for college work and life.

For more information, visit What apps come on the iPad? in the Tech Help Center.

What can students download on the iPad?

Students may customize their iPad with technology for both learning and personal life. The devices are theirs to customize and use for classes, FaceTime family and friends, or watch their favorite content. UK encourages students to utilize the iPad for both school work and personal life. It is recommended that students utilize an Apple ID and cloud services.

For more information, visit What can students download on the iPad? in the Tech Help Center.

Will students be monitored by the University?

The mobile device management (MDM) system we use can obtain information on installed apps but cannot trace any information on when, where, or how you are using apps. UK manages your device with the MDM, and it will alert us if you try to do something illegal, like jailbreaking your device. We have the ability to disable your device if we are alerted to these activities.

For more information, visit Will students be monitored by the University? in the Tech Help Center.

What if I forgot my Apple ID password?

You will need to reset your password through Apple. You are not required to have your Apple ID and password to pick up your iPad. Visit Apple's ID Support for assistance with your Apple ID set up or password reset.

How can I get additional hands-on support?

Hands-on technical support is available at the Smart Campus Help Desk, located inside the Cornerstone Building from 8:00 a.m. -8:00 p.m.

Additional support is also available at Tech Help @ the Hub in the basement of W.T. Young Library. 

How does UK’s relationship with Apple support student success?

UK evaluated the technology and verified that the iPad will provide the most secure and flexible learning platform for student success. The devices will be pre-configured with iOS apps that are designed UK students and aimed at helping them achieve a high level of academic success. By providing the technology to all incoming students, UK is leveling the digital playing field so that every student has access to the same technology.

Moreover, we believe we can leverage technology in new and innovative ways to:

  • Improve mental, physical, and financial wellness among students;
  • Jumpstart and ease the transition from high school to college before students step on campus;
  • Create a digital career portfolio and resumé that will serve them throughout their four years and beyond;
  • Shrink the barriers of the digital divide inside and outside the classroom;
  • Develop proficiencies in coding and app development; and
  • Build communities and link students to each other

Why is UK providing an iPad Air to every first-year student?

Why is UK providing an iPad Air to every first-year student?

Beginning Fall 2019, every degree-seeking, first-time student who comes to UK will receive an iPad Air, Keyboard, and Apple Pencil. The devices will be pre-configured with iOS apps that are designed for UK students to help them succeed at the University.